3 kinds of colors

*Black & Silver
*Salt & Pepper


Schnauzers Born in Motocoland do eye contact well. It helps you to train your puppy.

Average Weight

6.0 kg ~ 7.5 kg

Beautiful face

Motocoland has confidence in the beautiful and well-proportioned face of our Schnauzers.

Both males and females are perfect face.


White Schnauzers are mainly friendly.

Black & Silver and Salt & Pepper Schnauzers are mainly calm.

Long Tail

Motocoland never cuts our Schnauzers tail.

You may find Schnauzers Born in Motocoland at a dog park easily because long tail Schnauzers are certainly Born in Motocoland.


4 kinds of colors

*Wolf sable
*Light orange


Pomeranians Born in Motocoland are friendly.

They always want to play with not only people but also other dogs.

Average Weight

2.0 kg ~ 3.5 kg

Charming feature

The running movement of Pomeranians is airy. It is like rabbits jumping.

Pomeranians Born in Mocotoland are rich in hair, short muzzle, and graceful eyes and mouth.

Boston terriers

2 kinds of colors

*Black & White (Boston color)


Boston terriers Born in Motocoland are active and friendly.

They are always cheerful.

Average Weight

6.0 kg ~ 7.5 kg

Charming feature

Their muzzle is very short. It makes Japanese people call them “Ugly & Cute”.

Boston terriers Born in Motocoland are also really “Cute” and handsome.

Toy poodles


*Red (mainly)
*Apricot (a few)


Toy poodles Born in Motocoland are obedience and smart.

But please be careful! They are so cute that you might not stop spoiling them.

Average Weight

2.0 kg ~ 3.5 kg

Charming feature

Toy poodles Born in Motocoland have very elegant face, long limbs and short body. The body shape is like a fashion model.

Motocoland never cuts their tail.

Basset Hounds

Easy to live together

* Friendly
* Smart
* No drool
* No wrinkle
* No ophthalmic disease
* No disc hernia
→ All of our basset hounds are good size( at least 20 kg).
* Good size
→ Height is almost the same as Welsh Corgi.
It means you are able to live together inside of your house.

Because we focus on doing a natural breeding with small size basset hound, our basset hound looks a little smaller than other kennels.


Our basset hounds have a strong skin and eyes.

We hardly ever have a disease of disc hernia or eyes.

If you worry their long ears will get dirty, ears snood protects from getting damage.

The pretty face

We have kept the good balanced pattern on basset hound face.

The perfect balance makes basset hound more beautiful.


Motocoland basset hounds are very friendly and love people and other dogs.

They also have lots of opportunities here to see other breed dogs.

Extra Large size dogs (Leonbergers & Spanish Mastiffs)

They look smaller than their real size on a photo.

We recommend to visit us and to touch our rare breed dogs by your own hands to feel their real size.

Let’s see our rare breed dogs.

They are very opposite type but both of them are very lovely.

Leonbergers Born in Motocoland

They have rather long hair.

Their average weight is 50 to 70 kg.

They are very obedience and easy to be trained with enough eye contact.

Spanish mastiffs Born in Motocoland

They have short hair. 

Their average weight is 70 to 90 kg.

They are going on their own pace and they have much presence.

People are into their non-active character with such a big body.

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